Full Stack Virtual CFO and Business Consulting

Grow and Optimise your business with a Strategic Partner who helps you understand what's working so you can make better decisions to take your business to the next level.

The change we are trying to make:

At Acumore we help businesses with three things are increasing important to your future success:

  1. Proper use of Data and Technology
  2. Improved Decision Making
  3. Team and Personal Productivity

We give you access to the required talent, skills and experience to improve all three of these areas - on a flexible basis that works for you.

How to know if we might be a good fit:

If you want to grow, improve and optimise your business....

And you are willing to trust our expertise, invest in our service and stick with us for the long term...

We promise to be your strategic partner. Someone who you can trust. Who will go above and beyond to deliver additional value and act in your best interest. We will be responsive and transparent. We’ll tell you what is and isn’t working.


Because the quality of our service is more important than growth we only take on a limited number of clients.

Business Consulting Services

Virtual CFO

Get a strategic partner to provide the necessary analysis and insight to grow and optimise your business. From strategic planning to monthly reporting.


Team and personal productivity consulting to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Proven systems, tools and best practices to take your business to the next level.

Project Director

Business Consulting to ensure Product and Project success. From implementing new systems or processes to scoping and defining new projects and products.

We also provide more general business consulting around marketing, process improvement, project management, one-off projects and business strategy. We can quickly let you know if we are a good fit or at usually refer you to someone who is.

Contact us today to discover if we can help you.

Clients Who Trust Acumore

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"Neil helped provide the insight into what was working in our business by analysing all our data and define KPIs that allowed us to double our business in 2 years..."

Johnny Hall, mobedia

"Great at asking questions, getting to the core of the problem and working on solutions. Helped with a big project to standardise all of our platforms and move clients over to our new model. Also helped us understand the life time value of our customers and provide a performance model for forecasting..."

Chris Stott, Pareto Marketing

"Very quick to grasp complex issues and able to articulate in a simple and logical way to all levels. Highly Inquisitive and challenging of status quo - thinks about everything you do and looks to make it / you better, happy to test, break and fix things to make them better..."

Dave Baxter, AstraZeneca

"Neil helped implement a new CRM, sales and project management process that has set up up to scale our business, save time and reduce mistakes... He was absolutely fantastic, very likeable and efficient, he helped immediately"

Philippa Gough, DGA

How Business Consulting Works

Whilst everyone has heard the term 'consulting' not everyone knows what the experience of working with one is like. Acumore has the below simple 4 step process designed to get you the results you want in the most effective way.

1. Strategy Call

30 min call to get a sense of where you are as a business and if we are suited to working together. No hard selling. Promise.

2. Roadmapping Workshop

Where we dig deeper into what you need and where we can help you. Here we create a growth plan together and agree terms.

3. Full Rollout

Here's where we implement and deliver. Freeing you up to work on other high impact areas of your business and what you do best.

4. Measure, Learn and Adapt

We continuously monitor, review, optimise and report on everything we are doing to generate the best return.

Neil Taylor

Meet Neil Taylor

Hi, I'm Neil Taylor, the founder of Acumore. After solving problems for over 15 years across a range of businesses, roles and industries. I decided to establish my own consulting business to fill a gap in the market for full stack consulting for small businesses in the UK.

Some of my experience and qualifications:

  • Commercial and Operations Director of digital agency; doubling sales, makes projects profitable and increasing staff utilisation by 50%.
  • Founder of serviced based small business in Cheshire; creating and eventually a profitable small service based business.
  • Senior Finance Manager for multinational corporation AstraZeneca; working directly with FTSE 100 CFO and CEOs.
  • Award winning Management Accountant.

Acumore is the type of business I was looking for. I've used consultants, agencies and outsourcers in the past but they rarely provided the level of service I wanted.

I'm committed to improving the businesses and creating value for all my clients, putting your interests above my own. Serving the minimum viable number of clients so I can go above and beyond, delivering more than just a return on investment.

What is Full Stack Consulting?

Whilst most small consultants specialise in a very narrow area, Acumore is one of the few truly 'Full Stack' consultants for small businesses, bringing a broad range of thinking, experience, skills and insights to tackle your specific problem.

Business Fundamentals

Basics of finding, serving and keeping clients.


Getting your markets attention, generating leads and prospects.


Talking to prospects, persuasion, handling objections and closing.


Optimising delivery of your product or service.


Helping you and your team work efficiently & effectively.

Problem Solving 

Solution focused thinking and action.


Financial decision making, reporting and analysis.


Websites, Social Media, Pay Per Click, Podcasts, Video.


Understanding how things work to fix and optimise them.

Business Process

Optimising how you do things to scale your business.


The why and high level thinking of achieving objectives.


Using technology, systems and process to reliably grow and scale.


Getting your team where they need to be. Hiring and performance.


Understanding human nature for ethical persuasion and motivation.


Leading your team and business. Culture, values and vision.

Project Management 

Delivering projects on time, budget and specification.

Data Analysis 

Discovering actionable insight from your data.

Product Development 

Defining, Scoping and Planning for success.


Getting the right systems, tools and apps for your business.


Understanding your market to accelerate growth.

Why work with acumore?

Acumore provides you with the insights and actions that your need to grow your business.More Acumen. More Acuity. More Business.

Who is it for?

If you are a small to medium size business or department bases across Staffordshire, Shropshire, Greater Manchester or Cheshire who wants to take your business to the next level.

About Us

Acumore are a full stack consulting and virtual CFO service run by Neil Taylor. We provide a wide set of skills and experience to solve your business problems.

Virtual CFO and Business Consulting Case Studies

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Full Stack Consulting - mobedia

Problem: After 8 years of growth, things were slowing down and it felt like the business had hit a glass ceiling. The MD was struggling to know what was and wasn’t working in the business. Which projects came in on budget and which didn't seem to be random. Some team members seemed to be overworked and others browsing Facebook. It was time to take the business to the next level but there wasn’t the headroom to hire experienced directors.

Solution: Working with Acumore we took a deep dive into all the available data to identify the key variable in the business that we could influence. From here we build a comprehensive suite of tools to monitor and manage the business moving forward. Providing a clear picture of how to profitably grow, improve cash flow and set the business up to get to the next level. Some of these included:

  • CEO Dashboard
  • Project Profitability Reporting
  • Resource Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Incentive Plans
  • Quarterly Forecasting
  • Monthly Sales, Profitability and Team Utilisation Report

Results: Sales doubled in 2 years. Team Utilisation increased by 50%. Projects became Profitable.

Business Process Improvements - DGA

Problem: As business grew and founders could not be involved in every part of the business as they previously had. They needed to develop and install process to help onboard new staff more efficiently and ensure the business grew and ran profitably without them.

Solution: This started with identifying the key processes and potential failure points in the sales process. Then setting the right KPIs before working with the team to identify, implement, integrate and automate the right technology solutions.

  • Custom Dashboard and Reporting
  • Documented and Automated Sales Process
  • Integration of CRM and PandaDoc Document Management across the business

Results: Time efficiencies, increased accuracy, quality control and increased conversions. Improving adherence to the sales process, setting up the business to scale and grow. Freed management time to focus on highly profitable work only they can do.

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What to hear about more case studies like the Virtual CFO, SEO dashboard and automated client performance reports we created for a digital Marketing Dashboard for Adwords Agency or the LifeTime Value and Cost of Acquisition work we did for a Float Tank Centre?

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