Your Second Opinion

A Second Opinion on your Digital Marketing from someone NOT trying to sell you agency services

Very few clients of digital agencies are thrilled. Why… Because they have a sense that something is missing but can’t quite put their finger on what it is.

If you run a business, profitably generating new business online is key to scalable growth. But is your agency doing everything they should be?

Are they proactively managing the entire process from ad -> lead -> sale -> profit -> cash flow. Or are they looking at one small part of your business and doing the minimum amount necessary to keep getting paid their ongoing retainer?

You are bombarded by other agencies promising ‘free audits’ and leads online. But can you trust them when they are just trying to sell you another expensive retainer?

If you are a UK Business using Digital Marketing, then you deserve a Second Opinion.

🎰 Even before CV-19 for most businesses spending money on advertising it was like putting money in a slot machine.

⁉️ Inconsistent and of questionable return – especially when you factor in expensive monthly agency fees.

💷 What businesses want something more like a vending machine. Something measurable, predicable and profitable.

Let me be clear — I’m not trying to sell you agency services or expensive monthly retainers.

❌ No empty promises of online leads without ensuring you have a process to take them from leads to sales to profit…
❌ No cherry picking biased ‘vanity’ metrics in automated reports that make agencies look good but don’t generate you real profit…
❌ No prescribing a solution before diagnosing the problem. Funny now every AdWords agency prescribes AdWords and every design agency prescribes a new website…
❌ No locking you into expensive, never-ending, retainers when a one off project, with a fixed timeframe and fixed deliverable, is all you really need…

I provide a true ‘Second Opinion’. Informed, Objective and Independent.

My goal is to produce an easy-to-execute roadmap that uncovers a minimum of £5,000 extra sales per month. Without increasing spend or switching agencies.

If any of this interests you, contact me here.